Entrepreneurship Development Trainings

IDA offers practical entrepreneurship development training programs to western province Industrialist for 1-10days duration. These entrepreneurship development programs impart better understanding about their business and business environment.

These programs are conducted by IDA and renowned practitioners from the industry. Entrepreneurship Development Trainings programs are specially made for three target groups

who are,

  1. Interested to start a business
  2. Already in the business
  3. Currently well playing business and looking for a diversification

These training programs are offer updated information in the respective areas as well as provide a platform of experience sharing by the participants’ and highly interactive and are conducted with limited number of participants only.

Objectives of the Programs-

  • Create awareness on the market opportunities among the participants.
  • To help industrialists to identify the Factors effecting to the success and failures of business.
  • To help industrialists to identify the importance of Entrepreneurship
  • Encourage industrialists to enter into the new market
  • Increase value of products and add value to the products.
  • Create awareness on the market access among the participants.
  • Help to maintain proper accounting systems.
  • Encourage industrialists to get quality certifications done as per the market requirements.
  • Create awareness about the certifying process being offered by various agencies in Sri Lanka.
  • To understand the value of Customer Care.
  • Help to prepare Marketing Plans and activity plans.
  • Create awareness on the market information tools available on the web as well as information sources.
  • Help industrialists to identify the importance of market research conducted within their organizations continuously.
  • Encourage industrialists to identify new markets and penetrate more in current markets through niche entries.
  • To help them understand the current trends in consumer behavior towards their products.
  • To understand about competitors and competition.
  • To know about buyers and price trends.