IDACOM Computer Service Unit

IDACOM computer unit was established on 15th March 2010 by the Industrial Development Authority (Western Province) incorporated in 1994 under Statute No. 02 of 1994 Western Province. IDACOM is an IT driven business specializing in solutions, the supply and support of the computer equipment, software, cabling, and other IT and AV related functions. These functions and solutions are designed specifically to help client with the management and maintenance of their IT and AV related functions and equipment. IDACOM assist clients with the implementation and planning of new projects and help to design the best solutions for the client’s needs.

One of the main factors contributing to the loss of money is the lack of proper planning. This as an integral part of any business and the management of equipment can be very expensive if not done properly. Our main function of is to ensure the best solution to help the clients manage and maintain their TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) this means, “What the equipment costs, from date of purchase. Till the day it is written off some organizations believe in buying goods at the lowest possible price. But tent to ignore or forget the hidden cost that is still to come.


For past 6 years IDACOM has buildup an extensive network of suppliers and business partners. These partners like Intel Corporation, Microsoft, HP, Samsung , Dell and many more assist IDACOM with support their products. IDACOM must undergo extensive training at each of these partners every year. These training sessions are compulsory for all business partners to maintain their partnership with these vendor and distributers. Training sessions like these also allow IDACOM to be informed and trained on the latest technology available and new developments to come.


To be known as a leader in the Supply and support of IT and AV equipment, the selling of solutions and the development of further business for our client. IDACOM is truly your complete IT and AV solutions providers.


To provide end – to -end solutions at the most cost effective way available in the industry today. To help define client business processes and prioritize IT and AV related infrastructure within business divisions.


We believe integrity, Honesty, Quality and commitment to our clients after all the biggest assets of any business lies in their clients and peoples We also believe that any successful transaction consist of a view crucial elements “Service quality of Product and Price”

Services and Products

IDACOM incorporates a variety of products and services. Our business has been structured in such a way, to allow IDACOM the ability to distribute and support on a national and provincial level. IDACOM also makes use of its business partners for support training and supply.

  • Intel Channel
  • ACER Authorized partner
  • HP Authorized Partner
  • TP Link

Digital signage

  • Control and distribution
  • Displays
  • Source elements
  • Hardware
  • Players
  • Software


  • Front and rear Screen Projection
  • Data/ Video Projector
  • Video Wales
  • LCD monitor
  • LED Boards
  • Overheads Projectors
  • Projectors Lamp

Presentation and Training Aids

  • Learning Labs and Response systems

Signal Management and Processing

  • Audio
  • Computer
  • Routing and Matrix switchers
  • Switcher

IP Surveillance

  • Network Cameras
  • Network storage
  • Access control
  • Monitoring


  • Software
  • Hardware

Software Development

All software development is done on Microsoft Platform. This allows for integration on existing and new platforms. The following products are used.

  • MS – Visual Basic
  • Ms – Access
  • MS – Visual C++
  • MS – Visual J++
  • MS – Front Page
  • C/C++
  • .Net frame work
  • ASP / ASPA / ASP Net

Repairs and Service Centre

All equipment repaired or upgraded caries a workshop warranty

  • PC Repairs
  • PC upgrades
  • Sever upgrades
  • Printer Services
  • Printer Repairs
  • General repairs and Upgrades of other equipment (UPS’S Network Equipment…)


Implementations are done on international standard

  • Network Troubleshooting and Implementation
  • Supply of Network equipment and infrastructure
  • Cabling and Wireless Infrastructure
  • LAN and WAN Implementations.
  • On Site Support Training
  • Sever solution (Hardware Software Implementation)
  • Backup Solutions (Disaster recovery Backup Equipment)

IT Training

Training is done by fully qualified personnel.

  • VIP
  • Quick Book
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • A+ hardware and software completed
  • N+ Networking (technical)
  • Onsite Training available on request

Printers and Consumables

All equipment sold with the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

  • Cannon
  • Lexmark
  • Epson
  • HP
  • Dell
  • Panasonic
  • Samsung

Consumables available for each make or brand

Internet Solutions

IDACOM is an M-Web business partner and can offer a full and comprehensive solution from web costing to secure networking and VPN’s

  • Server Hosting with M_Web
  • Automated backup solution
  • Dialup/ADSL/Diginet/ I-Brust/wireless
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Development
  • E-Commerce solutions
  • 24 Hrs. Tech support

Business Process

IDACOM is an M-Web business partner and can offer a full and comprehensive solution from web costing to secure networking and VPN’s

  • Solution Elements
  • Call and Support centre
  • Support model

Solution elements

IDACOM undertake to deliver all goods ordered to the clients. Depending on the availability and quantities. This is because some goods are directly imported . The equipment will be properly packed and sealed . All units are pre- configurated and will be ready for use by the clients. If IDACOM is responsible for the installation of equipment. It must be coordinated with the appropriate at the IDACOM Head office.

Call and Support Centre

It remains the responsibility of the client to communicate any problem whatsoever to the IDACOM help desk Head Office.
Telephonic support available to any client that makes use our products and services. The cost for the helpdesk support will be determined by the type of transactions done with the client and this will be pre-determined and clarified with client before client. All goods received from the client whereby information is involved (PCs with user data)will be strictly confidential.

Support Model

IDACOM believes in having proper support models in place. It allows for proper management of goods sold to clients and asset tracking for warranty purposes. We believe that the components of After Sales Service and Warranties “ are as important as the initial sales itself.

A system was developing and control and manage all hard and software sold by IDACOM this system was developed on a Microsoft platform to ensure universal integration on existing platform and systems.

The management system has a complete tracking facility build in for easy use by the means of barcode labels which are then labeled on the components or items. These labels are prited with two values. A random number is bar code format and numeric value (number) for user purposes. This allows the user to be able to read the number on the label and use a barcode scanner for easy input on to their stock control system.