Technical and Educational Training

Industrial Development Authority provides specific Technical and Educational Training according to the business nature of the entreprenures in order to enhance their technical knowledge and the skills. We bring the expert knowledge from the industry to uplift the standard of entreprenures.

NoIndustry TitleNo of Days
1Ice cream production and popsikal / soy products (ice cream, candy bars and soy milk)02
2Yogurt Manufacturing / yogurt drink / ice pack production02
3tomato sauce, chutney and pickles production01
4Instant fruit drinks, jams and cordials01
5jams, chutneys and pickles production01
6jujube, milk toffees and production kisas01
7Noodles production (rice flour / wheat flour)01
8instant cake, Those, hoppers, and wade Pittu dry mixture to the market01
9course, green vegetables, dehydrated vegetables and01
10banana slices, sliced ​​manioc and mix bytes production01
11Papadam production01
12chocolate products (retail)01
13Crystal Jelly production01
14vegetables, and paḷaturuvijalīkaraṇaya course, Canned and bottles01
15Jack Products (Jack dehydration / settings earth, earth, fresh, canned jackfruit etc Waraqa and bōtag By)01
16Noodles rice flour, flour and baking powder hopper construction products01
17bakery products (bread, prēsṭi, fish, bread and buns)01
18Aloe, Nelson and throat drinks production (Aloe Vera, Nelli & amp; Beli Fruit Drinks)01
19pudding varieties of products coming (vaṭalappan, biscuits, caramel and fruit based01
20lime products (lime instant drinks, cordials lime, lime salt)01
21paste, turmeric, garlic paste, ginger paste and mustard cream production (Goraka Paste, Ginger Paste, Garlic Paste & amp; Mustard Cream)01
22Drinking water bottling01
23honey nuts, uduvæl, honey wicker, production of milk toffees01
24Packaging and labeling of food products01
25Workshop spices (chili powder, chili pieces, turmeric powder, curry powder and pepper powder)01
26Sesame products (sesame and sesame balls riots)01
27poultry feed production (Poultry Feed – Chick Starter Grower, layer, Breeder, Broiler Starter & Broiler finisher)01
28murukku, junk, old pumpkin pie ginger candy confectionery production01
29Waraqa Canning, Waraqa jam production01
30fruit flag, māmilēḍ Manufacturing01
31BEGIN water bottling01
32Dolomite cancer and ornamental production bhahaṇḍa01
33Drink sweep brushes and brushes grated lime products (Floor Mop “Lime wash brush)01
34Screen Printing (paper, cloth, plastic and ceramics on)01
35bhahaṇḍa ceramic production01
36enamel paint and emulsion paint production (emulsion paint & enamel paint)01
37Cement products (cement blocks, stone flooring, concrete items and default)01
38Cement production molds for decorative bhahaṇḍa / cement flower pots production02
39Feroz bhahaṇḍa cement production (flower pots, decorative bhahaṇḍa, waterfalls and ponds, etc)01
40Detergents Manufacturing (Car Wash, Windscreen Cleaner, Auto Cream & Upholstery Cleaner)01
41Manufacturing a wood sticks01
42Candles and decorative candles produce01
43Washing soap production01
44Ceramic Jewellery Manufacturing01
45biogas and organic fertilizer production02
46bhahaṇḍa fiberglass production01
47Mushroom cultivation01
48ornamental fish to02
49The cultivation of flowers and ornamental plants01
50Beauty Training05
51Cosmetics and medicine coating02
52Footwear Manufacturing05
53Leather bags related products02
54garment industry (dyeing cloth, fabric cutting, and creating designs)03
55mosquito nets produced01
56mosquito coils production01
57Battery water / GAChandrasiri / turpentine / thinner product01
58Coir fibers color, white coir products, coir production brown, brush and rubberized coir flower tawasi loaded sæsasīma, coir production blocks02
59wood products01
60Washing machine and installation of screens02
61Open air pipe02
62Production of concrete block, pipe production02