Empower the household food production women entrepreneurs

Western Province Industrial Development Authority has the economic empowerment of women, as recommended by the Corporate plan. The purpose of uplifting the industry and the need to achieve policy goals are to be implemented prior to the program.

While representing SAARC (SAARC Business Association) in collaboration with the Council of the Institute which operated in Sri Lanka, is the object of the development of women entrepreneurs who engaged in Household food production in western region.

The project is based on Colmbo, Kalutara & Gampha districs in Western Province. Mainly 3 programs currently operation by Industrial Development Authority in each 3 districts which is total 9 programs on operation in the province. Council of the Institute provide the Industrial knowledge for the Entrepreneurship Management, technical expertise and market opportunities and also borne a part of the cost in significant share.

The end of Year 2017 the program goal is to empower 700 women who regularly engaging in proper food production.

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IT Training for Small scale businesses
Industrial Development Authority will be starting a new project under the theme of 'Empowering Next Generation of Industrialists' to educate industrialists on Information Technology for small businesses in July 2017.